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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ’s

  • Who is Gainsville?

Gainsville is a family owned business established in 1964.  Specialising in high quality designer furniture, we strive to supply a unique product for all parts of the home.   A one stop solution for all your furniture and furnishing needs.

Bedroom Range FAQ’s

  • Can I choose different colours?

Yes, We have:

  • Genuine Leather Colours
  • Stain Guarded G-Fabric Colours
  • Synthetic Leather Colours

Delivery Related FAQ’s

  • Can we deliver interstate?

Yes.  Gainsville has network of transportation partners that can provide delivery.

  • What is the cost for delivery?

This will vary on the product (s) we are delivering and also your location.  For more information click here: Delivery Information Sheet

Warranty Related FAQ’s

  • What is the Warranty on your furniture?

Our Warranties are the best in the industry.  Our competitors use words like “Pro-Rata Warranty” meaning you have to pay a percentage of the repair costs.   Even “Lifetime Warranty” that are only valid for the first 24 Months.

At Gainsville our Warranty is clear.