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Dresser Bedroom Furniture

Gainsville Furniture Stores Melbourne carry a wide range of Dresser Furniture.   Designed for storage in your bedroom, Dressers can be the one of the most used bedroom furniture pieces with the exception being the Bed.

Fabric Dressers

As you browse our range of upholstered Dressers any design you see in Synthetic Leather is also available in Fabric.  Commercial grade fabric ensures long lasting quality whilst the range has an amazing 20+ colours to choose from.

Synthetic Leather Dressers

With all the luxury of leather but thinner profile allowing us to upholster the tight corners and draw fronts.  15+ different colours to choose from the Synthetic Leather is both durable and practical for everyday use.

Gloss White Dressers

High Glass White always looks clean and modern, the range of Gloss White Dresser Furniture is designed in house and exclusively made to Gainsville specifications.  When you visit the store, you will notice the attention to detail is great that any other furniture store in Melbourne.

Wallnut Timber Dressers

American Walnut Timber is known for its natural beauty.   So much character means that everywhere you look is something unique and exclusive.  We source hardware from Europe and timbers from North America to create our Timber Cabinets.   European Soft Close Runners ensure a smooth and long lasting experience.   Cheap hardware and mechanisms simply don’t last, most carrying only a 1 Year Warranty.  G*Grass Soft Close Runners that Gainsville use carry a Lifetime Warranty.   Made in Austria.

Furniture Showroom Melbourne

Bring your floor plan or room sizes when visiting the showroom for your Dresser Bedroom Furniture.   Each room is a different size, each cabinet is a different size.  Once in store with your floor plan our trained team will draw the furniture to scale inside your room giving you the confidence you’ve bought the best furniture for your home.