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Walnut Timber Furniture Collection
Walnut Timber Furniture Collection

Walnut Timber Furniture

Gainsville has the best Walnut Timber Furniture Collection available.  A range of matching Timber Dining Table, Timber Lowline Tv Unit, Timber Buffet, and many other Timber Furniture pieces to give you the decorated feel.

Add a sense of organic comfort to your home design with high quality, modern furniture pieces from our Walnut Collection. All of the wood is responsibly sourced and treated with quality stains and coloring that support the natural beauty of the timber. We love bringing walnut into our furniture designs because it’s a durable wood that stands up to daily wear and tear and always offers a beautiful look and feel. Browse our Walnut Collection for timber dining tables, dining chairs, dressers, bookcases, TV units, and coffee tables and discover the beauty of walnut furniture in modern design.

Timber Dining Table

When buying a Timber Dining Table you can’t go past the beauty of Solid American Walnut.   The Solid American Walnut Dining Tables at Gainsville feature internal stabilising beams and finger groves locking each piece of timber together to prevent cracking and warping.

Timber Lowline Tv Unit

The range of Timber Lowline Tv Units is the largest in Melbourne.   200cm, 240cm, all different size Tv Units to fit your needs.

Timber Buffet Unit

Storage cabinets with draws or doors, the Walnut Furniture Collection at Gainsville has a wide enough range to suit your needs.   From 190cm Timber Buffet Unit to 235cm Timber Buffet unit you can be sure to find the perfect storage cabinet for your needs.

Tip On Buying Walnut Timber Furniture

You will need to know your room sizes to purchase the right size furniture.   With this in mind, bring your floor plan or room sizes in and we will assist you with our free interior sizing service.   Without room sizes we simply cannot provide the best customer service.