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Fabric Dining Chairs
Fabric Dining Chairs

Fabric Dining Chairs

Whether your having a meal or spending quality time with your family, the Gainsville Fabric Dining Chair range provides the quality, comfort and design that will have you enjoying this time.  The Gainsville range is designed and made to Gainsville specifications, that way you can be sure every Fabric Dining Chair in our showroom is of the quality Gainsville is renowned for.

Quality Dining Chairs

Fabric Dining Chairs are one of the most highly used pieces of furniture in the home, when quality is important, the Gainsville range of Fabric Dining Chairs will impress.  Each fabric is selected by independently testing using a Martindale Rub Test.    Rub tests ensure the fabric is of at least commercial grade 40,000+.

Modern Dining Chairs

Every aspect of the Fabric Dining Chair components are subjected to strict sourcing and quality control guide lines.  You may want to also consider our Leather Dining Chair range or our economic Synthetic Leather Dining Chair range.

Matching Dining Table

At Gainsville we have many tables that would complement your new Fabric Dining Chairs.   In fact our Glass Dining Table, Timber Dining Table, and Stone Dining Table range is the best in Melbourne.