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Timber Dining Table Range
Timber Dining Table Range

Timber Dining Tables

Gainsville’s range of Solid Timber Dining Tables are handmade to a number of standard sizes.   Square Timber Dining Table or Rectangle Timber Dining Table we have the table for you.

Imitated but never replicated

The Gainsville range is often imitated but never is it replicated.  Cheap imitations use cheaper timbers with little character like Ash and Oaks.   Ash and Oak timbers look more like a laminate floor board with little character.  Seeing the beauty of Solid American Walnut in one of our Showroom’s and you’ll appreciate this amazing species.

Beauty Inside and Out

What you can’t see in a table will be a factor in how long a table will last.   Veneers will crack and peal but even solid timber made poorly will do the same.   Gainsville implements many techniques inside the actual timber to create a solid table with less movement.   Interlocking joins and internal metal beams are an engineering feet.

Timber Dining Tables Melbourne

Visit our Melbourne showrooms to explore the natural beauty of Solid Timber Tables.   Be sure to bring your floor plan in so we can assist with size.  Each room is different and we can help you choose the best Timber Dining Table for your home.

Matching Dining Chair

At Gainsville we have many Dining Chairs that would complement your new Solid Timber Dining Table.   In fact our Leather Dining Chair, Fabric Dining Chair and Synthetic Leather Dining Chair range is the best in Melbourne.