March 10th, 2021 By Rick

With sporadic COVID-19 lockdowns happening throughout Victoria, many Melbournians have had to work from home. As being hunched over a laptop on a coffee table in the living isn’t the most ideal situation, setting up a dedicated home office with the right equipment is essential. 

When searching for designer office furniture stores in Melbourne, considering these following factors will ensure that your home office is set up according to your specific needs while providing a comfortable, functional and stylish environment. 

The office desk

When choosing an office desk, think about which items you will need closeby and how you will be working. Will you need efficient storage space such as large desk drawers or is the style more important? 

With a perfection combination of both, our Alaska Desk features three soft-close storage desk drawers and a timeless classic style. A solid ash timber with an American walnut veneer design and a Bianco ceramic stone tabletop will complement the interior decor while providing the space you require to work comfortably. 

The office chair

The office chair you choose needs to be not only extremely comfortable but also highly ergonomic for providing efficient support throughout your day, especially when sitting at a desk for long periods. 

With a focus on complete comfort and style at the core of its design, our Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 Office Chair is the future of office chairs. Finding your ideal seating posture is made simple with features such as 4D armrest adjustment, height-adjustable headrest, back and seat cushions, seat depth adjustment and much more. It also provides constant lumbar and back support for the highest level of comfort. 

The office lighting

Apart from the right designer office furniture, having the right lighting in your home office is also very important. A standard ceiling light will provide light but it won’t create an inviting and cosy workspace atmosphere. 

For the perfect mix of task lighting and a sleek style, our Arris Desk Lamp is ideal for your home office. It features 3 stage touch dimming and is adjustable to provide efficient lighting while accentuating the atmosphere of the room. 

The office storage

If you think that you will require more storage space than an office desk can provide, then you may need to consider purchasing an additional buffet or a file cabinet. 

With three spacious soft-close drawers, our GF-406 Leather File Cabinet features luxurious genuine leather upholstery with feature stitching from top to bottom and is made using the best quality of European hardware. You can also choose from either stainless steel or satin black metalwork. 

Whether you are searching for designer home furnishing or office furniture stores in Melbourne, turn to Gainsville to discover a vast range of stylish and comfortable designer furniture. 

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