*New* Pagani Bed


Pagani Bed

The Pagani Bed is a modern bed with many options. Dual Colour or Single Colour, Silver or Black Metalwork and your choice of hundreds of colours you can truely create your ideal Bedroom.


Quick Information:

  • Designed and Made By Gainsville | Our own Factory ensuring Quality
  • 12 Year Warranty | Compared to the industry standard of 1-2 Years
  • 72 Slat Base System | Compared the normal unsupportive 26-34 Slat System
  • Super King, King, Queen, and more.
  • Choice of Genuine Leather, Designer Fabric and Synthetic Leather covers
  • Velvet & Premium Fabric also available. Price on application.

12 Year Warranty

Stunning Quality

Designed & Made By Gainsville

Slat System Re-Imagined

Slat systems that are commonly used are only 2 bays and have between 26-34 slats.   After checking Mattress Warranties we found these systems would render your Mattress Warranty null and void.  So, we designed our own.  Introducing the 4 Bay, 72 Slat System Exclusively Designed By Gainsville.

Industry Leading 12 Year Warranty

Producing the Beds ourselves gives us the confidence to provide you with an Industry Leading 12 Year Parts and Labor Structural Warranty.   Unlike other pro-rata warranties, you won’t have to pay for service.

Gainsville Design

Gainsville Factory

Gainsville Quality

Over 20 Countries

Gainsville Factory

  • Reliability. Ensuring the highest quality.
  • Value. Leveraging the buying power of supplying 20 countries.

Gainsville Quality

  • Range. A huge range that will complement all decors.
  • Design. Setting the benchmark to exceed world standards.

Package and Save Specials

$100 Off each Gainsville Bedroom Cabinet when purchasing a Gainsville Bed
$500 Off your choice of Gainsville Mattress when purchasing a Gainsville Bed



Colours are representative only, they will vary from device to device. Please visit a showroom for final selection.

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